autoclose 2.0

Automatically turn off your PC


  • Allows you to conserve your PC's energy and CPU
  • Easy to configure


  • Could result in loss of data if shuts down too quickly

Not bad

One way to preserve the life of your PC is to make sure it's not switched on all the time. But what happens if you want to leave it downloading overnight? Autoclose is a small utility that allows you to shut down Windows automatically at any time specified by you.

You can shut down the system at a certain time or you can shut down when the CPU usage reaches certain levels. It works slightly differently under different operating systems however. Under Win95 and Win98, you'll be able make your system shutdown (and poweroff), log off, hibernate or reboot. However, under WinNT/Win2000, you can make your system shutdown (i.e. to safe to switch off screen, poweroff, log off, hibernate or reboot.)

One particularly useful feature is The Force Close option which assures you that the system will be shut down, no matter what processes are activated in your system. However, be careful with this because you may lose any unsaved data when this kicks in. This is a very simple program to use although be careful how you configure it as it can take over your whole system and shut you down just when you least expect it.

Autoclose is a small utility to shut down Windows systems automatically.

You can shut down by time or CPU usage. Protect your PC from burn-out or attack when you're not there.



autoclose 2.0

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